spatial design - graphic design - art direction

Enya Pannecoucke (°05-03-1993) is an all-round designer from Antwerp, Belgium. After graduating from the School of Arts (KASK) in Ghent in 2016 (Interior Design), Enya started freelancing as a graphic & interior designer before moving to Asia.
Upon returning to Europe, she continued her architectural studies at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2018. Having lived and studied in different countries - The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Poland, Canada, Belgium, Thailand and Sri Lanka - with every one of these experiences having shaped her as a creative person.
Having a very graphic illustrative style, she began to work on a broad collection of design projects - graphic design to interior architecture, fashion and set design. Primarly drawing her inspiration from experiences in new places with new people. Being acutely aware of our relationshop with nature, our surroundings and how that informs our connection to oneself and one another. She translates this mainly through architectural poetry, seeking to play with human uncertainty in space.
The ability to transcribe thoughts, talks and feelings into all design projects is important.

ENYA’s work is based on the concept of ‘EXPERIENCING’.

Based in Antwerp.

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